UNI in Europe and in the world

The role of UNI

The world economy needs shared standards to support trade, consumers, occupational safety, the environment and technological innovation.

For this reason UNI participates to European (CEN) and international (ISO) standard works thanks to the experts appointed by the national technical bodies and with the direct management of technical committees, subcommittees and working groups (see List of CEN and ISO technical committees at UNI secretariat).

Our task is to:

  • Propose issues in the national reality and guide its standardisation work
  • Share Italian technical experiences
  • Adapt European (EN) and international (ISO) standards to the Italian reality
  • Consolidate the leadership role on the technical-normative level

UNI in Europe

UNI is present in several CEN governance bodies and working groups, with a particularly active role.

In particular:

  • General Assembly
  • Board of Administration
  • Joint Policy Group (JPG)
  • CA Advisory Committee for Financial Matters (CACC FIN)
  • Technical Board (BT)
  • BT Technical Committee Management Group (BT/TCMG)
  • CEN-CENELEC Digital Transformation Initiative

Our Director General is a member of the Standing Group of the Administrative Board (CA), as well as Chairman of the DITSAG ‘Strategic Advisory Group on Digital and Information Technology’.

UNI in the world

UNI is one of the founding Bodies of ISO: today it actively participates in standardisation work, projects and in the General Assembly that meets every year together with delegations from all national standardisation bodies.

Our Director General participates in the ISO Council as Member and representative of Group 2, a position that will end on 31 December 2025.