SMEs and start-ups

Why rely on UNI

An ally for SMEs and start-ups

UNI with its standards creates technological innovation, supporting research, creativity
and safety for the whole universe of SMEs.

Sharing collective knowledge

Standards are a shared knowledge that every small enterprise can easily access, participating as a protagonist.

Expanding the supplier base

Our activities make it possible to expand business by interfacing more and more with different and heterogeneous customers, suppliers and partners.

Safe and original products

Standards allow the design and manufacture of safe products safeguarding originality and creativity.

Reducing costs

Standards save money because they 'unify' products and services.


The standards of the future?
Write them with us

UNI members have a privileged view on the world of standardisation. They are always up-to-date with the latest news, but above all they can personally contribute to the creation of standards by making their voice heard.

Associating with UNI offers many advantages. The most important is that of being able to sit at the table of those who draw up standards. And to participate as a protagonist in defining the rules of one’s own sector, without ever being subjected to the choices of others.

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