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Large groups, new start-ups, professionals, schools and universities, institutions, consumers. We have all the solutions for you.

UNI solutions

Tailor-made solutions

Guaranteeing well made things is good for everyone, but especially good for the socio-economic system.

Large groups, small companies, start-ups, professionals, associations, public bodies, local administrations, research centres, schools and universities, workers’ representatives, third sector and non-governmental organisations, citizens: sharing, all of them, the guidelines and the common language of standards gives impetus to the Country’s production, economic and social system.

To whom we address

Whatever the problem we have a solution for you

SMEs and start-ups

For small and medium-sized companies, standards are a great advantage. That is why it is important to know them, offer your opinion and adopt them.

Large companies

For large groups, adopting standards and helping to develop them improves production quality, reduces costs and increases efficiency.

Professionals and self-employed workers

Standards are extraordinary tools for supporting professionals, updating their knowledge and qualifying their profession.


Standards are a valuable ally of Institutions


Standards are an outstanding driver of research and training


End consumers, people, citizens. The main beneficiaries of standards are us.