The UNITRAIN Trainers

UNITRAIN trainers are not just any tutors: most of them are also the experts who develop the standards.

A network of selected experts and Trainers who will help you understand the standards clearly so that you can apply them in your organisation.

Because no one can convey the content of a standard better than the person who wrote it himself.


Adarosa Ruffini

Lawyer, external tutor of the International Standardisation of Integrated Systems course of the Master's Degree in Management Engineering at the University of Pisa. President of the UNI Study Centre.

Alberto Marzetta

Partner of Amapola Benefit Society. Consultant in corporate communication, expert in integrated communication projects, sustainability, stakeholder and community engagement and environmental education, trainer specialising in facilitation techniques

Aldo Ponterio

Member UNI/CT 047/GL 05 "Measuring equipment"

Alessandra Bettini

President UNI/CT 040 'Services' Qualified trainer and auditor for corporate compliance. Accredia inspector.

Alessandro Ricci

Environmental consultant. President EPTAS

Alfonso Martuscelli

Training Director of Azimuth Srl. Psychologist and Biologist, Trainer, Coach and LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator.

Angelo Salducco

CE Marking and Audit Expert for Product Directives Accredia Inspector

Anna Rota

University of Bologna

Antonella Bertolino

Consultant for pharmaceutical companies, dietary supplement companies and trade associations, with many years of experience in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Production and Research and Development, in particular for formulation development projects for dietary supplements based on botanical extracts and probiotics.

Antonio Terracina

Member of the Technical Commission UNI/CT 042/GL 55 'Methods and systems for managing health and safety at work"

Bruno Di Lascio

Founder and CEO of Azimuth Srl. Senior Management Consultant, Organisational Analyst, Coach, Trainer and LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator.

Carla Silvana Cattoi

Consultant for Management Systems for industry, including integrators, and on Farmindustria Guidelines, Quality Management Systems training and third-party Quality Management Systems assessment activities on behalf of the Certification Body and Notified Body Certiquality.

Claudio Rosso

"UNI/CT 057 Commission Member 'Circular Economy'. Coordinator UNI/CT 057/GL 03 "Circularity measurement".

Concetta Nardone

Trainer, Auditor and training expert. UNI expert for sector standardisation projects.

Cristiano Ottavian

Project Manager, Project Management consultant and trainer. Professional with more than 20 years of experience in various sectors (finance and insurance, environment and waste management, construction and plant, energy and technology, manufacturing, software, banking and pharmaceuticals), working in service and product companies, owners as well as multinational groups.