Professionals and VAT holders

Why rely on UNI

A new standard for professionals and VAT holders

Standardisation supports professionals by qualifying professional figures and providing technical reference standards for updating of sectoral knowledge.

The professional's toolbox

Knowing the sector's technical standards is an essential competence of the modern professional, who, depending on his professionalism, can also certify himself in accordance with the standard itself.

Welcome to the Technical Bodies

For the professional, it is essential to participate at the tables where standards are created and to know the reference standards for the qualification of one's profession and for updating one's knowledge.

Qualifications and skills

The professional finds in UNI standards a valid ally for the updating of his/her skills to the state of the art of the sector and for the eventual qualification according to UNI standards.

Professioni e normazione

Professioni non regolamentate

Negli ultimi decenni evoluzione tecnologica e globalizzazione hanno fatto emergere nuovi bisogni e quindi nuove professioni, molte delle quali senza una chiara riconoscibilità e senza regole che ne definiscano qualificazione, competenze, tutela.

ISO, CEN e UNI hanno varato numerose iniziative di qualificazione di queste attività professionali. Una base sulla quale molte commissioni tecniche UNI hanno definito un consistente pacchetto di norme.

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The standards of the future?
Write them with us

UNI members have a privileged view on the world of standardisation. They are always up-to-date with the latest news, but above all they can personally contribute to the creation of standards by making their voice heard.

Associating with UNI offers many advantages. The most important is that of being able to sit at the table of those who draw up standards. And to participate as a protagonist in defining the rules of one’s own sector, without ever being subjected to the choices of others.

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