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UNITRAIN is aimed at technicians, managers, entrepreneurs, professionals and consultants who want to stay up-to-date on the standards, practices, techniques and laws that underpin their business.

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Quality, environment, safety. New technologies, energy, social responsibility. Our range of courses is constantly updated and covers all the most interesting areas for companies, professionals, technicians and anyone who wants to learn more about standardisation topics.

Courses are delivered both in the classroom and in Smart Learning mode via the Zoom platform.

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UNI/TS 11820:2022: Misurazione della circolarità. Principi, metodi, misurazione e casi pratici di applicazione

Aula virtuale: 24 aprile 2024 - Aula virtuale: 19 giugno 2024


UNI/PdR 125:2022 Parità di genere: la sfida culturale come opportunità per le aziende

Aula virtuale: 16 maggio 2024 - Aula virtuale: 09 luglio 2024


UNI ISO 30415:2021. La nuova norma internazionale per promuovere la diversità e l'inclusione nelle organizzazioni

Aula virtuale: 16 febbraio 2024

UNITRAIN in house

A tailor-made course for your company

UNITRAIN offers you the opportunity to build ad hoc courses, designed to respond to the specific training needs of your organization.

Take a cue from the courses in the UNITRAIN catalog or contact us to describe your specific needs. The UNITRAIN team will work to build the best offer for you

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Our Tutors

UNITRAIN trainers are not just any tutors: most of them are also the experts who develop the standards.

Discover our Tutors

Adarosa Ruffini

Lawyer, external tutor of the International Standardisation of Integrated Systems course of the Master's Degree in Management Engineering at the University of Pisa. President of the UNI Study Centre.

Alberto Marzetta

Partner of Amapola Benefit Society. Consultant in corporate communication, expert in integrated communication projects, sustainability, stakeholder and community engagement and environmental education, trainer specialising in facilitation techniques

Aldo Ponterio

Member UNI/CT 047/GL 05 "Measuring equipment"

Alessandra Bettini

President UNI/CT 040 'Services' Qualified trainer and auditor for corporate compliance. Accredia inspector.

Alessandro Ricci

Environmental consultant. President EPTAS

Alfonso Martuscelli

Training Director of Azimuth Srl. Psychologist and Biologist, Trainer, Coach and LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator.

Angelo Salducco

CE Marking and Audit Expert for Product Directives Accredia Inspector

Anna Rota

University of Bologna

Antonella Bertolino

Consultant for pharmaceutical companies, dietary supplement companies and trade associations, with many years of experience in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Production and Research and Development, in particular for formulation development projects for dietary supplements based on botanical extracts and probiotics.

Antonio Terracina

Member of the Technical Commission UNI/CT 042/GL 55 'Methods and systems for managing health and safety at work"

Bruno Di Lascio

Founder and CEO of Azimuth Srl. Senior Management Consultant, Organisational Analyst, Coach, Trainer and LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator.

Carla Silvana Cattoi

Consultant for Management Systems for industry, including integrators, and on Farmindustria Guidelines, Quality Management Systems training and third-party Quality Management Systems assessment activities on behalf of the Certification Body and Notified Body Certiquality.


9001 e 21001. Quality training must have the right numbers.

UNITRAIN complies with the two key international standards for training providers:

UNI EN ISO 9001 the renowned standard for quality management systems, born in 1987.
UNI ISO 21001 the specific quality standard for training organisations

Is it possible to organise ad hoc courses at my company?

Yes, it is possible to organise ‘tailor-made’ courses. To get a quotation for customised corporate courses, we recommend that you contact us on 02 70024228/436 or write to unitrain@uni.com

How do remote courses take place?

Remote courses are held synchronously on the Moodle platform, via Zoom. Prior to the course, you will be sent a link and username to access the course platform.

Where can I view the entire UNITRAIN training offer?

The course catalogue can be viewed at: https://store.uni.com/courses

Do courses include the issue of a certificate of attendance?

Yes, a nominal certificate of attendance is issued at the end of the course, indicating the course title, tutor’s name and duration. The minimum percentage of attendance for obtaining the certificate is 90% of the total number of hours of the course.

Do UNITRAIN courses award credits?

For detailed information on the issue of credits for our courses, please contact us on 02 70024379/436 or write to unitrain@uni.com

What are the prices of UNITRAIN courses?

The prices of the courses in the catalogue can be found at https://store.uni.com/courses. For a quotation for customised corporate courses, we recommend that you contact us on 02 70024436/228 or write to unitrain@uni.com

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