The technical bodies

The heart of standardisation

The protagonists

The birth of a standard.
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Large industries, small and medium-sized enterprises, craftsmen, professionals, research centres, academic and educational institutions, public bodies, local administrations, consumer, worker and environmental representatives and the third sector participate in the standardisation process.

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Technical committees

Committees, sub-committees, working groups: each one fulfilling their part

For its activities, UNI uses and manages more than 1,100 technical bodies (committees, sub-committees and working groups), in which more than 8,000 experts collaborate.

Each committee, in which experts representing all types of market players participate, deals with a specific topic.

UNI technical Committees and its Federated Bodies

Federated Bodies

The Federated Bodies:
our partners

UNI delegates standardisation activities in their areas of competence to the Federated Bodies, independent but integrated partners in the process.

  • CIG (Italian Gas Committee)
  • CTI (Italian Thermotechnical Committee)
  • CUNA (Technical Commission for the Unification of Motor Vehicles)
  • UNICHIM (Association for the Unification of the Chemical Industry)
  • UNINFO (Information Technologies and their Applications)
  • UNIPLAST (Italian Body for the Unification of Plastics)
  • UNSIDER (Italian Steel Unification Body)