The benefits of standardisation

Growth, social progress, environmental protection, safety, innovation, sustainable development. This is how standardization is good for the world.


For the good of the economy

Standards have a positive effect on all gears of the economic system. Thanks to the standards, we can have products and services created in a simpler way, which cost less, capable of reaching and satisfying a large number of people, in Italy and around the world.

  • Simplification of production processes
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Better penetration of private and public, national and international markets
  • Better marketing of products
  • Increased turnover

For the good of the planet

The standards are created in full compliance with the sustainable development objectives of the UN 2030 agenda. Standardisation always aims to do its part by fighting climate change, promoting the circular economy, renewable energy sources and environmental protection.

  • Development of the culture of sustainability
  • Reduction of emissions

For the good of the people

Creating a world well made means making the environment where we live and work every day safer, healthier, fairer, eliminating health risks and fighting any kind of gap or imbalance.

  • Safety for workers and users
  • Gender equality
  • Accessibility
  • Social responsibility