The UNI – National Council of Industrial Technicians agreement

Why an agreement for the consultation of technical standards

The UNI-CNPI Agreement renewed on 20 December 2022 is the response to the request of Technicians to make the consultation of voluntary technical standards (essential tools for the development of professional activity) more accessible and the application of UNI’s institutional mission to ensure their widest dissemination (pursuant to Legislative Decree 223/2017)

How to subscribe

An appraiser registered with a Territorial Board that has signed up to the agreement may activate the subscription provided that the use is personal or in the interest of the organization of which he/she is the owner (employing no more than 10 employees and invoicing less than EUR 2 million/year).

Through the following link you will access a registration form where you will be able to:

  • register (download manual),
  • or retrieve your data using the credentials you already have.

In both cases, it is indispensable to indicate the registration number in the Register and to select the Territorial Board to which one belongs, whose formal adhesion is an essential condition for allowing the member to be activated.

Once registration is complete, you can access the service afterwards by:

  • accepting the conditions set out in the ‘Contract for the provision of the subscription service’,
  • making advance payment of the full price, quantified as follows:
    • € 50.00 (+VAT) for the option 12-months free consultation of standards from the date of subscription
    • € 90.00 (+VAT) for the option 24-months free consultation of standards from the date of subscription

it is also possible to download any UNI standard, directly from your consultation subscription, upon payment of a special, flat-rate price of Euro 15.00, plus VAT as per law, for each standard.

How the consultation works

Once the contract has been signed and the amount due has been paid, the customer can consult the full texts of the technical standards via the UNI website.
Access – reserved to the customer and intended for internal use only – is via specific non-transferable personal logins and passwords. Each combination of login and password entitles only one simultaneous access to the standards database.
All UNI standards, implementations of EN standards as well as Italian adoptions of ISO standards (both current texts and those of withdrawn and/or replaced editions) can be consulted. The standards are continuously updated.
Consultation can take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Internet connection.
The subscription entitles you to consult the full texts of the standards, not to download files or print them out.
The consultation service starts on the date of activation and remains active for 12 months.


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