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RobétArmé: Human-robot collaborative construction system for shotcrete digitization and automation through advanced perception, cognition, mobility and additive manufacturing skills


About project

Digitization and automation have become increasingly important in our daily lives and in industries around the world. Due to their advantages, organizations around the world are expressing demands for their new implementations.

The construction sector is fundamental to modern society, from urban and rural construction and renovation to repair, maintenance and disaster relief.

However, it has not yet seen many innovations using digitization and automation. The EU-funded RobetArme project aims to reverse this trend by introducing its human-robot collaborative construction system to automate the emerging technology of shotcrete construction.


Project in progress

Program: Horizon Europe GA ID 101058731

Theme: #CognitiveRobotPlatform, #Shotcrete



June 2022


November 2025

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Project objectives

Provide mobile manipulators for collaborative construction

To develop a cognitive robotic platform addressing the entire application chain of shotcrete for autonomous construction, maintenance and infrastructure monitoring activities

Release customised advanced modelling tools for building and construction information models for rapid and greener implementation of automated construction activities

Develop cognitive Digital Twin and simulation environments for construction monitoring, diagnostics and orchestration activities.


Concrete actions

RoBétArmé aims for a radical change in construction 4.0 by automating particularly laborious construction activities in all stages of application of shotcrete (ShotCrete).
To this end, RoBétArmé will supply mobile manipulators for collaborative construction, consisting of a:

  • Manipolatore per la ricognizione delle ispezioni (IRR) per affrontare la modellazione rapida e di alta precisione e il rinforzo delle barre attraverso la produzione additiva di metallo nella fase iniziale.
  • Manipolatore mobile Shotcrete e Finishing (SFR) per l’applicazione autonoma di calcestruzzo proiettato e la finitura delle superfici rispettivamente nella fase di costruzione e di completamento.

Project partners

19 partners including companies, research centres, universities and public bodies from EU and non-EU countries.

Organization Website / contacts
CERTH – Centre for research and Technologies Hellas (Greece) – Research Centre Link
DTU – Technical University of Denmark (Denmark) – University Link
EPFL – Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (Switzerland) – University Link
KUL – KU Leuven (Belgium) – University Link
SDU – Syddansk Universitet (Denmark) – University Link
COBOD – COBOD International A/S (Denmark) – SME Link
ROB – ROBOTNIK Automation (Spain) – SME Link
ANIMA – ANIMA Technical Commercial LTD (Greece) – SME Link
TITAN Cement Company S.A. (Greece) – Listed company Link
DTT – DigitalTwin Technology GmbH – (Germany) – SME Link
ICE – Information Catalyst – (Spain) – SME Link
IA – Ingenieros Asesores de Contruccion S.L. – (Spain) – SME Link
DS4 – Digital Systems 4.0 – (Bulgaria)- Consultancy company Link
UNI – Ente Italiano di Normazione (Italy) – Technical Standardisation Body Link
MORE – Mountains of Research Collaborative Laboratory – (Portugal) – Non-profit association Link
EFF – European Factory Foundation – (Austria) – Non-profit association Link
BYCN – Bouygues Construction – (France) – Listed company Link
ARUP – OVE ARUP & PARTNERS IRELAND LIMITED – (Ireland) – Unlisted private company Link
CEAS – Christiansen & Essenback A/S – (Denmark) – Unlisted private company Link

The project is co-funded by the European Research & Innovation Programme Horizon Europe under Grant Agreement No. 101058731.


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